Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coords of the Month Showcase - April/May

Inspired by Roli's post about new topics for lolita blogs and feeling a little creatively drained during finals week, I've decided to showcase five of the most interesting coords I've seen this last week. Some may not be from this week or even five years ago (all about that old school) but I've done a ton of procrastinating on /cgl/ and older blogs looking hundreds of coords and I've found a few that I'd really like to dissect and appreciate. More coords can be found under the cut!

1. Old school in Sax by OSoohyeon

Thursday, May 7, 2015

How I Got Into Lolita

Hello there,

I love almost all Japanese street fashion, but my favorite style above all is Lolita. I'm sure you may know what lolita is already considering that most of you reading are either people I know in person or people from /cgl/, but for those who are unaware, lolita is a fashion that epitomizes loveliness and femininity. The important aesthetic elements are a sense of modesty, a flared skirt, and exquisite detail from head to toe. It draws inspiration from Rococo & Victorian fashion, Alice in Wonderland, and porcelain dolls. There are three main substyles in lolita: gothic, classic, and sweet. Gothic lolita is dark, luxurious, and somber. Sweet is bright, cheerful, and instills a youthful feeling. Classic falls somewhere between the two with earth and jewel tones and historical inspiration. My style tends to fall into classic and classic hybrids with the other two substyles.

Being a huge weeaboo who loved anime and all things Japanese, I had a vague awareness of lolita before I got into it. Perhaps somewhere I had seen a lolita in one of my ultra cheesy shoujo mangas. My first glimpse of actual lolita was an advertisement for Baby, The Stars Shine Bright in Shoujo Beat during a particularly boring history class in seventh grade.
She's beauty and she's grace...

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why I Am Starting This Blog

Good evening,

I think that a good way to warm up to writing my thoughts (a surprisingly intimate thing!) is to have a short post on why I've chosen to write this blog and a few ideas I had for future content.