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Coords of the Month Showcase - April/May

Inspired by Roli's post about new topics for lolita blogs and feeling a little creatively drained during finals week, I've decided to showcase five of the most interesting coords I've seen this last week. Some may not be from this week or even five years ago (all about that old school) but I've done a ton of procrastinating on /cgl/ and older blogs looking hundreds of coords and I've found a few that I'd really like to dissect and appreciate. More coords can be found under the cut!

1. Old school in Sax by OSoohyeon

Unfortunately, OSoohyeon hasn't posted an outfit rundown and I'm not quite well-versed enough in lolita to pick out the particular items but if anyone recognizes them, please let me know! Here is her twitter.

I've been crazy about old school lolita recently even though I've only been in the fashion for two years. The jumperskirt is solid but very busy with many lovely details like the corset lacing, lace bib, shirrred princess sleeves, two tiers of ribbon threaded lace, and lace at the bottom that reminds me of a garden lattice. The headpiece, a maxi-pad style headdress (are there better names for those?), has matching bows and soft lace adorning her head doesn't overwhelm her simple hair style but doesn't look plain or boring above her dress. The socks are also simple but bring interest. Finally, the white shoes are adorable and lengthen the leg line, making her legs look very long and doll like. I think the styling of this coord is perfect and really showcases the extravagant details of the dress while still being thoughtful.

2. Vintage inspired Classic by Sake

 Source: Closet of Frills

Outfit Rundown:
JSK: Angelic Pretty Retro Modern
Toque: vintage 
Gloves: eBay
Bag: Thrift store 
Shoes: Anna Field

First off, can I just gush about Sake's retro style? It's a beautiful balance between 1940's/50's fashion and modern lolita. She always comes up with really divine coords with gorgeous palettes. You can see more of her fabulous coords on her tumblr.

This coord has beautiful color balance, with a soft grey on the jumperskirt and a medium grey cardigan with black accents, and pops of dark red on the nails and lips. The white of the hat is brought into the coord with the white underskirt. I love the sheer hosiery matching with the gloves and the shoes which remind me of ballroom dancing give that really authentic vintage feel.

 I think the highlight of the whole outfit is that vintage toque, the veil brings in a lovely softness. I'm a huge fan of unusual headwear in lolita. The belted waist keeps the outfit modern and accentuates the silhouette. I even love the subdued poof, it really gives that modest vibe of the 1940's. The hair, dang, I wish I still had enough hair to do amazing updos like this. The short bangs are very sweet and frame the face along with the veil. I think the only thing that I would change would be some pearl earrings to match the pearl necklace.

3. Unusual Palette Sweet by Alice

 Source: Closet of Frills

Outfit Rundown:
JSK: Lief My Tart JSK
Blouse: Jane Marple
Socks: AP
Shoes: nanajun

All too often, we fall on very safe color palettes (I'm especially guilty of this, navy and cream are my bread and butter) and I think it's a really exciting challenge to try something a little more unusual. Red and yellow are seriously adorable colors, especially with a more subdued yellow. However, it can easily go a little... McD's and that ain't kawaii.

 I think that Alice managed to do an amazing job balancing the colors and showcasing that beautiful yellow jumperskirt. Bringing in a more true red with the belt and shoes added lovely contrast. I'm also seriously crazy about those socks, they make me want to make a cute strawberry themed coord. I love the head accessories, they're simple but create nice detail and the loose waves look gorgeous. I think gold jewelry to match the butterfly belt buckle would be a good way to bring more polish into the coord.

Yellow should show up in lolita more often, don't you think? A bright pastel yellow always looks so adorable in sweet and a subdued, autumnal Indian yellow would look magnificent in classic. Gothic could even pull a dark, dusky gold into a coord as an accent.

4. Substyle Hybrid by Kavya

Source: Closet of Frills

Outfit Rundown:
JSK, OTKs: Innocent World Forest of Friends
Moth BroochMulberry Chronicles
Blouse: Dear Celine
Accessories: Offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline

I've been a long time follower of Kavya's coords. She has a really cool, elegant style that draws from vintage, mori girl, and otome fashions. She's also got some of the best coords made with bodyline pieces that I've ever seen! You can see more of her outfits, artwork, and updates at her tumblr

When I first saw this jumperskirt, I didn't care for it very much. The print seemed busy and the cuts looked wonky. However, this coord is making me rethink my opinion. Kavya has managed to tame the beast (the print) by keeping the styling simple, refined, and monochromatic, allowing the details of the dress to really take the spotlight. 

The dusty pinks, browns, and greens really pop when framed by all the dark and gives the feeling of a forest at dusk. I love the floppy sun hat (more rare headwear!) and the roses bring the elegance back, rather than looking out of place. The moth pin fits the whimsicality of the print (also handmade! Bonus points!). The socks are 10/10 amazing and I need them in my wardrobe. I love the wig, it really suits her, looks surprisingly natural, and gently adds more color to the coord so that the blouse and hat doesn't blend into a sea of black. Finally, the makeup is gorgeous, staying with simple and subdued darker colors.

5. Gothic Elegance by Maureen

Source: Closet of Frills

Outfit Rundown:
Dress, necklaceMoi-même-Moitié Arch Angel Print OP
Blouse: RQBL
Headdress: Atelier Pierrot

Maureen first caught my eye with her really cool Emilie Autumn inspired ero coord in Closet of Frills. She has a very elegant, refined style that reminds me of the romantic goths from the mid 2000's. You can see more photoshoots and outfits from her here.

One of my favorite things to do is find beautiful examples of parts of lolita I don't like so that maybe I can start to appreciate it better. My great nemesis is blouses under one pieces. I feel that they usually look frumpy and gives me flashbacks to the late 2000's "tank top layered over long sleeved shirt" in a bad way. However, this coord is anything but frumpy. I would describe it more along the lines of sleek, romantic, and elegant. 

The OP is far more beautiful than I would have guessed by those crappy stock photos MmM so loves to put out. The blouse appears to be made out of chiffon which flows and keeps a softer silhouette than were it to be made of cotton. It's also a smart choice as many of us in the Northern hemisphere move towards the warmer months. I love the AtePie headpiece, I really want to learn how to make similar headpieces. 

I love that coppery colored wig, it's such a lovely color in gothic. It reminds me of luxurious vampires lounging on fainting couches the same color as their favorite meal. The shoes are more Victorian styled with a slim understated profile rather than the chunky boots of sweet lolita and club goths. The only advice I would give is to perhaps trim the bangs so that they aren't as blunt across the face as the rest of the coord has such refined gentleness.

Just as a side note, I'd love to share the beautiful portraits on the dress. I saw them when I was visiting the lolibrary entry for the OP. I love archangels and the lore surrounding them so I fell in love looking at the detail pictures.

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  1. Lovely coordinates. I really like that you made the colour pallets for each one.

    Looking at coordinates in this way would be a fantastic way to broaden one's lolita horizons!