Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Why I Am Starting This Blog

Good evening,

I think that a good way to warm up to writing my thoughts (a surprisingly intimate thing!) is to have a short post on why I've chosen to write this blog and a few ideas I had for future content.

I'm of the younger crowd and traditional blogs weren't part of my internet browsing habits; I mainly stuck to Neopets, Newgrounds, and By the time I had started to find my niche hobbies, the internet had somewhat abandoned slower forms of communication like blogs and forums in exchange for more instant, rapid-paced social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. I knew of traditional blogs and I browsed a few occasionally, namely for food and recipes, but outside of that I had no desire to seriously follow or create my own.

The fascination for blogs began a couple years ago when I first met my partner. He had hinted that he may or may not have kept a top-secret anonymous blog about life and struggles and meeting me. I used my best e-stalking abilities to track it down and eventually found it. It was a thrill to read his updates, especially knowing that he didn't know that I had discovered it. I'm kind of a doof, so I ended up letting it slip that I found the blog but he continued to update for some time afterwards. Eventually, life got in the way and the posts were published further and further apart. The blog is gone and archived away now but the inspiration and excitement I felt reading his beautifully written posts about existentialism and smelly guys in card shops remains.

My love for blogs was recently revitalized when a nostalgia thread on /cgl/ blew up with older lolitas getting teary-eyed for the Princess Portal. I hadn't heard of it so I checked out a few posts through the Way Back Machine. Initially, the posts felt cheesy and a little saccharine, but there was something very pure and genuine about the way that Skye wrote about her dreams and dared to challenge her readers to improve themselves. I found myself browsing the archives of her blog at least a few times a week.

Through the nostalgia threads, I was able to find a few more modern lolita blogs are presently being updated and the inspiration poured in. I love to read through wardrobe challenges on Roli's Ramblings and seeing new photo shoots by A Season in The Sky. Finally, I have a six page essay due on Monday that I wanted to procrastinate doing, so I decided to create my own blog.

I love the way that the Princess Portal had a lot of lifestyle posts so I want to have a similar blog where I can make outfit and wardrobe related posts but also write on events, struggles, and triumphs in my life, my other hobbies, and general musings (god, that phrase is pretentious but it's the closest thing to what I intend to say). I am somewhat of a new lolita so I hope to document my journey through the hobby and be able to look back and see how I've grown. Maybe I'll write this for years and years or maybe I'll give up in three posts and never touch this again.

I eagerly await to hear from anyone in the world. Thank you.
PS. Why am I formatting this like a letter?

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