Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Wunderwelt Haul and Review

After selling off an expensive dress that I never wore, my wardrobe fund suddenly grew and I took the opportunity to buy a few things off Wunderwelt's website. While I won't say that Wunderwelt has the absolute best deals, they are incredibly easy to buy from. I'm also particularly excited about this package as it'll start to be the foundation for my future planned wardrobe!

Details and photos under the cut!


Sunday 8/12 - Order placed at Wunderwelt, payment for items made, and automatic confirmation email received.
Monday 8/13 - Shipping quote received and paid. Normally, you get the choice of ePacket or EMS but my order was large enough that I could only use EMS.
Wednesday 8/15 - Package shipped, tracking number received.
Monday 8/20 - Attempted delivery by USPS (I slept in...)
Tuesday 8/21 - Package picked up at Post Office

Just a little over a week and I received my order! Wunderwelt is impressively quick in their business.

The shopping process was far simpler than most other Japan-based shops. I threw everything into their standard cart system. I signed up for an account when I was ready to check out and filled in my address. Everything is translated on the English website so you don't need to worry about reading between the lines of some janky auto-translate via Chrome.

My order total was 39185 yen or $365.52 USD and my shipping cost 5200 yen or $48.68. My package weighed ~2500g including items and packing materials. Not the best shipping cost, but it is EMS which tends to be a safe, tracked, and fast service. I paid via Paypal using existing balance and encountered no additional fees.

The package came in a medium-large sized box with normal amounts of tape. Everything was double wrapped with bubble wrap and regular plastic wrap and the empty space in the box was filled in with crumpled up paper to ensure nothing was sliding around. My only complaint was that one of the buttons on the blouse I ordered fell off at some point in transit or shipping and was just sitting in the bottom of the box loose, rather than in a bag with it.

I ordered the following: 1 blouse, 1 bolero, 1 skirt, 1 jumperskirt, and 1 one piece.

I looked for things that fit a sort of minimal, elegant aesthetic with warm neutral colors and blacks. I am also of exceedingly large height so I stayed away from any mini-lengths and high-waisted dresses.

DISCLAIMER: These are all fresh outta the box so they will certainly be wrinkly, linty, and lightly damaged. I'll be freshening everything up in a later post. Also, my phone camera is terrible at capturing accurate color. I've done my best to edit them closer to real life, but it's pretty inconsistent x_x

Everything was bagged together in 3 different bags, bolero + blouse, jsk + OP, and skirt all by itself. Every item was tagged with a barcode and a product number and none of the plastic loopies went through the fabric itself. Shout out to Wunderwelt for not punching holes needlessly into fabric!

Item #1: Excentrique Lovelace Blouse (Lolibrary)

This blouse is a free-size long sleeve cotton/silk blend with nice pleating details on the bib, high neck collar, and cuffs. There's also plenty of glorious pintucks (my absolute favorite detail!). The blend lends itself to being very breathable and comfortable, even in the dry oven that is Southern California. Since it's so loose, I can also enjoy plenty of macarons and scones without worrying about my blouse fitting after the tea party. The color is a slightly cool toned beige. The very top button was loose in the listing but had completely fallen off in the box.

Item #2 - Sheglit Ribbon Classical Bolero (Lolibrary)

This is a nice and simple bolero with slightly Leg-of-Mutton inspired sleeves and a high neck collar with lace edging. The ribbon is missing but that's easy enough to make if I really wanted one. The shoulders are definitely a bit tight on me at 37 cm so if this is a bolero you're interested in getting for yourself, I suggest you be at least little bit smaller than that. The fabric feels very sturdy and is lined with a soft striped satin.

Item #3 - Victorian Maiden Velveteen Long Pleated Skirt (Lolibrary)

This is a lovely old dinosaur from when Victorian Maiden lived in coffins and were very goffick. The velveteen fabric is very thick and heavy! Probably the heaviest piece I own. There's an exterior layer of ruffles with the top exposed and a line of lace running through. I love the texture and interest that it adds! Unfortunately, the waist is teeny tiny as ancient VM may have been made for a single adorable skeleton so I'm planning on getting it professionally altered to fit me.


Item #4 - Innocent World Tulle Lace Cross JSK (Lolibrary)

This is a really nice staple jumperskirt that sort of resembles a full coverage pinafore. The fabric is quite thick and textured similar to a corduroy and is the color of warm, rich sipping chocolate. This brown x brown colorway has pretty lace and pintuck detailing on the bib and straps with three fabric covered buttons down the center. The straps cross in the back and have lovely little flower-shaped plastic buttons attaching them to the bodice. There is plenty of length in the straps to move the buttons down, a blessing for a tall, long torso-ed human. The skirt has some light pleats just to add a little fullness and movement.

Item # 5 - Innocent World Doll Chiffon OP Short Length (Lolibrary)

This was an instant buy for me. The olive green color is beautiful in real life. The bottom right of the skirt in the above picture is the most accurate. It's a light chiffon that folds and sways very nicely in the breeze. The dress itself is lined with a matching cotton which really to comfort but can sometimes wrinkle a bit underneath, making wrinkles in the chiffon above. The back is fully shirred which is A+ but that means there's no zipper whatsoever, making it sort of dangerous to slip on with a full face of make up! The bow at the top is not removable but I am considering altering it to make it so.

A group photo! 

Overall, I'm quite happy with this haul and the experience. The damages to the items were all very minor and easy fixes for me as a beginner sewer. I would definitely recommend shopping with Wunderwelt, especially if they're having a big sale or you like to shop slightly damaged goods.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this is a lovely haul but most of all that Innocent World OP is stunning!