Thursday, January 17, 2019

Wardrobe Post 2018

Hello 2019! Welcome to my wardrobe post for 2018.
I'll admit I snuck in a few things that may have arrived after the new year, but what can you do when you're a NEET lolita with a small wardrobe? If you've seen my last wardrobe post, not much has changed. I really focused on buying only pieces that I truly love and will fit comfortably. Down with impulse purchases! I also emphasized obtaining more skirts and leg wear so I can coord more casually. This is definitely sort of a transitional time for my closet but I'm really happy with the way that it's going.

Without further adieu, behold!


This took me two hours to set up. Please admire it.

From the furthest left black blouse going clockwise: Angelic Pretty, Pumpkin Cat, F+F, Excentrique, Innocent World x3, Baby the Stars Shine Bright x3, Innocent World x3, and Little Dipper.


From brown cardigan, clockwise: Innocent World x2, Atelier Boz, Sheglit, Innocent World, Offbrand, Innocent World


From the 10 o' clock position: Victorian Maiden, Innocent World x2, and Atelier Boz x2


Sheglit and Excentrique

Innocent World and Haenuli

Lady Sloth and Innocent World

Innocent World and Krad Lanrete

One Pieces

Innocent World and Lady Sloth

Innocent World and Lief

Victorian Maiden x2

The Oddballs: Krad Lanrete and Baby The Stars Shine Bright

Bodyline and Dear Celine


Victorian Maiden 


Victorian Maiden and Little Dipper


Socks include: Innocent World x 5, Metamorphose x 2, Jane Marple, and Miho Matsuda.
Tights include Rosenrot and Teja Jamila.


Hats are Offbrand, Handmade, Lief, Innocent World, and Haenuli.

Bows include Baby the Stars Shine Bright x3, Innocent World x4, Krad Lanrete x2, and Moi-meme-Moitie.

Bits and bobs are offbrand, handmade, Innocent World, and Krad Lanrete.

Parasol is from Lolita Collective, black and white heart bags as well as various kumyas are from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and other bags are offbrand.


Shoes are offbrand, Demonia x2, and Melissa x Vivienne Westwood x2


  1. Oh my God, that setup! It looks incresible (especially the socks!), well done for putting all this effort into this post because it paid off!

  2. Your wardrobe is really pretty but OMG how you photographed your socks is spectacular!